SAP Servives

SAP Services delivers the tools, technologies, and methodologies that minimize total cost of ownership and maximize your return on investment in SAP solutions.

Tools, technologies, and methodologies are built on our experience in thousands of projects in a wide range of industries and all types of companies – from small businesses to global enterprises. You get the right results at the right price and the right time – each and every time.

Proven implementation methodologies give you control over deployment to reduce risks and ensure reliable results. Best practices anticipate your business needs, reduce costs, and decrease your reliance on external consultants. While online information portals give you direct access to SAP services and foster collaboration across the SAP community.

With SAP Services, you benefit from the following tools, technologies, and methodologies:

  • ASAP – Provides standard methodologies that support the accelerated implementation of SAP applications, offering organizations a wide range of tools to support all stages of an implementation project, from project planning to the continual improvement of an SAP system.
  • Business maps and Solution Composer – Provides a robust platform for effectively transferring knowledge.
  • SAP Service Marketplace – Offers a comprehensive online platform that provides one-stop access and guided navigation to SAP and partner services.
  • SAP Best Practices – Provides fully documented and reusable prototypes that organizations can quickly turn into production solutions.

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