What after M.E. in Digital Communication

The scope of students who have finished their studies in Electronics and Communication is quite high as this is one of the most coveted branches of engineering. Students of Electronics and Communication can get work with fields like embedded systems, the telecom industry, and microprocessor manufacturers like Intel etc. Research labs for digital si

gnal processing also recruit students of Electronics and Communication.Besides this, it is also possible for them to get very challenging and much lucrative jobs with the IT sector. The DRDO, VSSC and BHEL are some organizations that take in students of Electronics and Communication for research and academic jobs when ever there are available vacancies.

Scope for Higher Studies after M.Tech in Electronics and Communication

Those who wish to pursue higher studies can go for Doctoral programs in any leading universities. To get admission into these programs, the students will need to appear for the GRE exam. As to appear for this exam, high marks will be needed by the aspirants.

Other Certification Courses after M.Tech in Electronics and Communication

From the many available options, students can also choose to go for certification programs. Not only will these programs supply students with more knowledge and experience, but also it will be of good help for them when they are in search for jobs. Some of the certification courses that students can join are:

  • Advanced Diploma in DSP System Design
  • Advanced Diploma in Embedded Systems Design
  • Advanced Diploma in Real Time Operating Systems
  • Advanced Diploma in VLSI Design
  • Advanced Diploma in Wireless Technology
  • Certificate in VLSI design engineering
  • Certification in Verilog and VHDL
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching (CCNA) course
  • PG Diploma course in Industrial Automation System Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Wireless and Mobile Computing
  • Signaling & VoIP Protocol Implementation
  • Telecom Protocol Development

Career Opportunities after M.Tech in Electronics and Communication

Electronic engineers can gain entry into the various departments of the Indian government by appearing for some exams that are intended for them. Leading newspapers as well as web portals of the SSC and the UPSC will bring our announcements for the available posts and the details of the exams. The candidates can also join the defense services by writing the appropriate exams.   Those who pass the written part will be later required to attend an interview (physical and medical tests in addition to the interview in the case of defense services).

Some of the prospective employers of postgraduates of Electronics and Communications include:

  • Atomic Energy Commission
  • Central Electronics Limited
  • Defense services
  • Directorate General Posts and Telegraphs Departments
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  • Indian Railways
  • Ministry of Civil Aviation

Apart from the ones provided above, the career scope is quite broad for professionals in the field of Electronics and communication. Electronic Engineers can commence a business of their own by developing parts and other vital components for electronic goods. They can also start an assembly shop for repairing goods that become damaged. The best thing about doing a job like this is that they can make returns which may be much higher than that was invested originally. As to provide support as well as encouragement for people who start their own businesses, loan facilities are provided by banks as well as Small Scale Industries Development Corporations.

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